I made this page so that we could decide on some uniformity for the transcriptions. I've populated it with my ideas that I've used for a couple of pages so far but I don't mean to impose them, they're just a starting point for a discussion. Join in and May The Schwartz be with you. (talk) 22:30, August 2, 2012 (UTC).

Page titlesEdit

I've been using "Page X" (no leading zeros), though I noticed afterword that the first page says "Page XXX of 130" (with leading zeros on the page number).

Transcription styleEdit

The initial transcripts tried to replicate the case, spacing, and layout of the handwritten pages (as in Page 31). Upon further reflection, I think a more readable style (as in Page 34) woud be more useful. After all, the real goal is to make the text searchable and available; we've got the scans of the originals if anyone needs to know how it looks. What do you all think?

Page layoutEdit

The first page transcripton (Page 60 by CampBlueBay) used a simple 1x2 table with the image in the top cell and transcription below. I thought that looked okay, so I used it too. Someone could make a template, though. A proper Wikia template with parameters for the entire log page might seem a good idea, but it doesn't lend itself well to WYSIWYG editing. Better to open for editing an existing page that you like (that is, an informal "template"), go to Source view, copy-all (CTRL-A => CTRL-C) and abandon the edit without publishing. Then create your new page, go to Source view and paste (CTRL-V). Then return to Visual view and edit as needed.

Log Page HeaderEdit

There are currently three alternative methods for creating the log page header.

1. The schwartz uses underlining for the header fill-in fields. It's simple but necessitates the insertion or deletion of space characters to visually line up the field labels.

2. CampBlueBay uses a 6-column, 3-row table with fixed-width fill-in fields, which allows for tabbing through the fields and typing in the data.

3. CampBlueBay has also made two Wikia templates -- LogPageHeader and LogPageSubHeader -- which can be selected from the templates library and filled in according to the parameter menu that pops up.

LogPageHeader is for the pre-printed Grumman log page header at the top every page in the notebook.

LogPageSubHeader is for use when a log page is shared by more than one engineer. The second and subsequent engineer get a LogPageSubHeader, which does not include the Page No field. See Page 62 for examples of the use of each of these templates.


A section somewhere about Grumman Plant 5 if we can find more information about it. I know it was in Long Island.


Every page can be classified into "Categories". Does anyone forsee a need for a taxonomy/tagging system? If so, it would be easiest to develop it now and apply as we go. Again, depends on the intended use for the transcripts.

Wiki ContentEdit

The Wiki Content page ought to be a table-of-contents of sort. It needs to be gussied up, if you ask me. In any case, when you add a page, don't forget to add a link to it on the Wiki Content page.

Glossary PageEdit

Add any acronyms, abbreviations, initialisms, and symbols to the glossary page when you encounter them. If you can't define it, add the page number so that someone else can find it to define it correctly. Add definitions with proper capitalization (i.e. "GSE - ground support equipment" rather than "GSE - Ground Support Equipment").

Do we want to add technical terms as well?


Wikia doesn't seem to have a build-in spellcheck and my browser (Chrome) spellcheck doesn't seem to work on the site. I make a lot of spelling errors and would like a better solution than copy-and-pasting into another program to spellcheck. Any idea?