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The day shift began investigation an issue with dim caution and warning lights, but wasn't able to remove the panel for further troubleshooting due to other events using the circuits. The night shift was able to remove the panel and swap it with the panel from LM6 (Apollo 12). The new panel worked but nobody was available to troubleshoot the old panel. Panel 5 is in the foreground on this photo at


Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation


Page No 73083


E. Dowse




PT 5


195 15:19:58


62000 EPS LM5



Above a certain level, the following lights will become dim if on; these are the annuniator lts.

Speaking with D. Tyler ECS concerning this same problem in additional to the above lights on panel the H2O SEP ^(7057) light was on & remained on the 7051 light came on

The 7051 light came on when the PNL 16 ECS suitfan ΔP CB (&CB120) is depressed and went off then the ΔP (&CB120) is pulled.

1530 T. Hebel

1700 Resolved TDR #9 for ECS [unreadable] sheet in ECS TDR Book.

1730 Still no window to pull Panel 5 (RR & LR require Anun/Dock/Compt CB for power to C&W lights — there might be a window between RR & LR)


E. Homburger — Night Shift — 7/13,14/68

Panel 5 removed. Completed our little 5 minute check with the Flood CB at 20:40. CB did not pop.

Panel 5 of LM6 installation completed 01:05

Could not get a preliminary look at the removed panel — no one at 099.

The new Panel 5 did not pop the CB (Flood). 03:12 gave OK to GSE Support (Frank Otten) to take two of our 1213 BOB's. He is taking the boxes via TPS G6807-14-001. No IPC coverage tonight. I presume we should document this change via a temporary deviation to the IPC.

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LM6 is Apollo 12
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