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Steve Jurvetson made freely available a color scan of the Grumman Engineering Log, an engineering notebook and inter-shift intercom handwritten by Grumman engineers as they pushed to complete Lunar Module LM-5 in 1968.

This wiki should further a collective effort to decode some of the log's mysteries, contact its authors, and most importantly OCR the document through collective open effort.

The wiki content (transcribed notebook pages) can be found here.

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You may download the raw scan, an 8 MB PDF, from here.

Jpeg images of every page have been uploaded to You can use these to add page images to the wiki.

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Each of the one hundred and thirty pages of the Apollo 11 LM-5 Construction Log could have its own topic for separate transcription.

Separate the document by extracting each page's image from the PDF and upload it to this wiki.

Make a template for each of the raw pages. Perhaps the left side of the web page could show the raw image and right side could show the in-progress transcription?

Help ensure uniformity by developing and applying the Style Guide.

Improve the Glossary by defining intitalisms, acronyms, and words found in the Construction Log.

Find interesting things from the document or history and note them on the transcription pages.

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